In iLexTech we have also created a portfolio with solutions that may interest you for your business:

Spectrum: MoneyGuard

Card Control may limit risks.
Card Control-MoneyGuard functionality allows the cardholder to control the use of their cards in real time. You can set limits by transaction type that trigger an SMS or Push alert. They can set authorization limits by transaction type, as well as enable or deactivate the card or a certain type of transaction.
It also provides easy access to balance and history information, as well as allowing the cardholder to take immediate action on their cards.

Packed with features.
The MoneyGuard feature add-on can be easily integrated with your existing mobile banking and run as part of your app.
MoneyGuard will use its standard integration with the fraud monitoring system or transaction switch to generate alerts, action requests, as well as enforce real-time limits.
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WAVETEC: Customer Experience Solutions

Wavetec is a multinational technology located at the vanguard of the technological revolution, with a strong presence in more than 70 countries, and display solutions installed in 25 of the main financial markets around the world. The customer portfolio, integration tools and tailor-made solutions are part of this global recognition.

Since its inception in 1986, Wavetec has demonstrated a strong desire to specialize in Customer Experience solutions and Financial Information Screens to meet the needs of various industries. Headquartered in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Wavetec certifies ISO 9001:2008 standards, is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and IBM and Cisco business ally. State-of-the-art custom solutions and extensive experience in transforming service areas across multiple industries have brought Wavetec as a global leader in line management and digital signage to emerge.

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SMS: SAP Mobile Services

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