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The software technology in our analysis tools is at the forefront, constantly in innovation and aligned to emerging trends. We are confident that our solutions will help you optimize resources in a centralized way for decision making.

MICROSTRATEGY: BI-Analysis and data visualization solutions.

From business reporting and data discovery to mobile productivity and real-time telemetry, only MicroStrategy gives organizations the breadth of capabilities they need to transform their data into intelligence real world.

Intelligent EnterpriseTM is an organization that bases its decisions on in-depth information analysis to anticipate the constant changes in your environment in regulatory and technological issues as well as the competitive challenges in your market to transform them into opportunities that will drive profitability for your business. As a result, you get a single version of truth, agility, scalability and speed in the decision-making process, and it also facilitates the adoption of innovation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Discovery, Enterprise Analytics and Mobility allows the analysis of any source and type of information to communicate the relevant findings found at all levels both internal and external of the organization. Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is a complex challenge but MicroStrategy is here to accompany you in the transformation process and get it sooner than you think.

Maximize the value of all the company's investments

Leverage the industry's best data systems and sources with ease. With dozens of controllers and gateways ready, MicroStrategy makes it easy for you to get started with answers from the world's most challenging datasets.

Sharing detailed information across the organization

Automate the delivery of custom reports, documents and dashboards for each user. Ensure decision makers always have access to information when and where they need it.

Empowering people in self-service

Improve productivity across your organization by expanding access to data for more commercial teams. Give business users the freedom to explore data on their own without sacrificing data governance, scalability, or security.

Customize analytics to meet your unique needs

Get the most out of existing corporate systems and third-party applications by enriching them with powerful web analytics and compelling data visualizations. Use the MicroStrategy SDK to create custom reporting Web applications that can satisfy any type of business you need.

Make it easier for all employees, wherever they are

Free employees from back office jobs with industry-leading mobile productivity apps. Mobilize critical business systems and processes to ensure everyone has instant access to the information they need to make more informed decisions.

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MicroStrategy Customers

MicroStrategy for Finance

Learn how to use MicroStrategy Analytics and mobility intelligence, how a financial executive can access secure, role-based information that can help them with their day-to-day responsibilities.

MicroStrategy Demo-App: Casino Management

Watch this demo of a MicroStrategy app designed for iPad to show you the potential of mobile casino management. This casino management app runs on a demo dataset, so you can explore your business data by downloading the MicroStrategy Mobile app for iPad from the Apple app store.

MicroStrategy for Retail

MicroStrategy revolutionizes the way retailers interact with their data. Learn how retailers leverage analytics and mobile technology to drive productivity, optimize operations, and transform the shopping experience.

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